Less than 24 hours after brain surgery, Ed Cerninka was chatting and joking with his wife and parents.
Ed Cerninka, Neurosurgical Patient, Phoenix Baptist Hospital

“Am I going to die?” That’s the question Edward Cerninka kept asking himself when doctors told him he had a golf ball sized tumor in his brain. “I thought, ‘Even if I survive brain surgery, what if I can’t speak or walk anymore?” Ed says. 

Dr. Marco Marsella told Ed about Phoenix Baptist Hospital’s surgical tool, BrainPath, which provides patients with a less invasive type of brain surgery. Ed felt confident that giving it a try was the right thing to do. 

 Hear Ed's full story here. 



  • Surgery in narrow corridors, through an opening the size of a dime.
  • Precise navigation for the brain.
  • Minimizes tissue damage by navigating through the natural folds of the brain.
  • Provides the opportunity to preserve collected tissue for later study or clinical trails.