The Subcortical Surgery User’s Group (SSG) is a group of surgeons who believe in the mission of optimizing minimally invasive corridor surgery to the subcortical space through clinical and scientific collaborative research and technology applications. This transformational and multidisciplinary strategy integrates the most advanced visualization and intervention technologies available to enable safe access to the tumor or stroke (ICH) while preserving essential tissue and structures. It opens new horizons for neurosurgeons and our patients. We aim to make progress in surgical principles for the safe and effective treatment of patients with subcortical brain pathology – sharing our experiences to empower progress.
Membership to the SSG is rapidly growing, and we invite you to join us by completely a fast and easy membership form.
More than 80 neurosurgeons from hospitals and academic centers across the country are currently members of the SSG. They make up the more than 3,000 cases that have been completed using the new trans-sulcal surgical approach – many are participating in writing clinical papers on their experiences and clinical results and participating in a new RCT for ICH expected to start this year.
Becoming a member of the SSG offers many opportunities for you:
  • Marketing support via national exposure of you and your hospital through the physician locator on the SSG website.
  • Attendance at the annual SSG meeting.
  • Publishing and collaboration opportunities.
  • Knowledge sharing and benchmarking opportunities.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the SSG, CLICK HERE to access the membership form. Or email us if you have questions at
We hope that you will join us on this incredible journey that is expanding technology applications and treatment frontiers and demonstrating improved cognitive and functional outcomes for patients.