A brain tumor diagnosis can feel like the end of the world. Below, see stories from real patients across the country and how, with BrainPath and this new surgical approach, the SSG offers 
new hope for a better future for brain tumor patients.
​Blakely Murphy  
Long Island Jewish Hospital 
When Blakely was diagnosed with her second brain tumor at age 15, she and her mother, Dawn, knew there had to be something better out there.  

Raymond Motluck 
St. Vincent's Hospital; Dr. Ron Young 
After a seizure while driving let to a brain tumor diagnosis, Raymond went to Dr. Young for help and learned about BrainPath. Within days, he was back to 100% and able to play
with his grandchildren.

 Ed Cerninka
Phoenix Baptist Hospital; Dr. Marco Marsella 
"Am I going to die?" That is what Ed wondered after recieving his brain tumor diagnosis. He sough out Dr. Marsella for a second opinion and was introduced to BrainPath. Less than 24 hours after his surgery, Ed was chatting and joking with his wife and parents.