Strokes or Intercranial hemotomas can be devastating to patients and their families. The neurosurgeons of the SSG, using the BrainPath and early surgical intervention, aim to minimize that risk and improve patient prognosis.

Read our "Stroke Of Luck" and ICH Patient stories below. 

Unknown-2.png      Tom Cotelleso
One morning, Tom called to his wife that he couldn't see. He had a 6cm brain hemorrage that completely paralyzed his left side. Dr. Tsung, using BrainPath and this minimally invasive neurosurgical approach, intervened. Because of that, Tom went from paralyzed to playing basketball in 10 days. 
Here is his story.

Screen-Shot-2015-02-04-at-11-33-41-PM.pngChris Johnson
After Chris started slurring his speech following an accident on a golf course, his parents realized it was much more serious than they thought. Dr. Zucker was able to use BrainPath and early surgical intervention to treat him. Before his surgery, Chris could only say about two words. Shortly after surgery, he was back in school, playing lacrosse and getting A's.  
Read more about Chris here. 

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